Are Grammar Checkers Outdated in 2024? How I Use Grammar Tools

Grammarly as Best Grammar Checker in 2024
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Are Grammar Checkers Outdated? 

No, I would not say grammar checkers are completely outdated. However, they are in need of major updates in regards to sentiment analysis. Readers are wanting to read less and less, yes, but they are also looking for an authentic and inviting tone of voice. 

Grammar checkers seem to be only useful for one thing: avoiding fluff. Sometimes, even I find myself rambling about things that just don’t matter. However, the way I integrate words and phrases into my writing can be with a purpose to reach specific audiences. 

How Do You Use Spell Check and Grammar Tools Correctly?

Checking grammar correctly can be a bit subjective. However, the following process has always worked well for me when checking for mistakes. 

  1. Write in Full. I start by simply writing everything out in full. No need to check until the end otherwise, you may find yourself spending way too much time on checking grammar. 
  2. Use Grammarly. Next, I use the Grammarly tool to check only the obviously misspelled words within the text. 
  3. Use AI Detector. Even if I don’t use an AI, it is nice to use detectors to avoid a robotic tone and ensure my writing sounds human (i.e authentic and personal). 
  4. Re-read. Whether it is me rereading my content out loud or asking a friend or family member to judge its clarity, this really helps bring out some weird phrasing or words that just may not sound right. 

My process is simple, yet it is probably the most effective process I have ever followed in my freelance writing career. I have also found myself preferring to read more often than I have before, which overall encourages better writing and structure in the long term. 

Is Grammarly the Best Grammar Checker?

I personally like to use it as I can check without needing to use some other platform. I think Grammarly is overall one of the best editing resources for writers out there. However, I would not get too caught up in suggestions. Even if you are not fluent in English, relying too much on Grammarly can make your sentences sound way too robotic and even pass as AI-written. 

What Other Tools Are Available?

If you are looking for alternatives, I highly suggest using SEO Article Analyst platforms, which can be found in SEMrush, Yoast SEO, and many other platforms. Not only do they help you make better SEO-focused articles, but they also provide grammar tips and alternative wording to help your content stand out!

A few platforms that you can use that are extremely effective:

  • AIOSEO (Website Plugin)
  • SEMrush SEO Content Reader
  • YoastSEO (Website Plugin)
  • SurferSEO
  • RankMath

I have had the pleasure of working with every single one of these platforms. I have to say, they are extremely useful in terms of SEO. However, don’t forget at the end of the day you are writing for your audience, not for a tool!

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