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Local SEO should be a number one priority for companies that thrive from local customers. Whether it be a restaurant, law firm, heavy civil infrastructure, or even a non-profit organization; Local SEO is what makes you visible. Hiring a freelancer to manage your local SEO not only means you will receive high-quality feedback and content but it will be done at a very reasonable cost!

I have worked with many local companies in Florida, Oklahoma, and even New York to beat the competition in local recognition. Have services abroad? No worries, I have written for many locations as a freelancer (Japan, United Kingdom, or even Germany) which will only bring better quality to your content!

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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the optimization of a local business using location proximity to users, GBP and website authority. It requires an eye for detail and a full understanding of a company and its services to encourage accurate search results. A few crucial ranking factors of Local SEO would be:

It can be extensive, yes. This is why my expertise would greatly improve your business’ growth and progression to filling in these areas of Local SEO. As an SEO strategist, you will only need to provide me with information about your business in key areas so I can get started on completing these steps to rank!

What I Provide in Terms of Local SEO Services

As a content SEO marketer, I researched deeply into local SEO and how I could provide even better services to my clients. After certification, I can confidently rank up any local business using the best SEO strategies. Below are the services I will provide with Local SEO assistance:

Main Keyword

Ensure the content of the website conforms with the primary category and main keyword. If not, we can discuss steps of how we can improve website relevance and primary category authority.

Complete GBP

Complete GBP using as much information about the business as possible. This step is very tedious and may require me to ask multiple questions about the company to ensure your business profile is as complete and accurate as possible.

Monitor Google Reviews

Ensure reviews are being monitored and have well-written responses from the company. Implementing good images and thorough reviews are vital for better recognition.

Citation/Link Worthy Content

Ensure the website provides thorough content SEO pages including informational blogs that can be easily linked to. Enhancing backlink opportunity and citations!

My Experience in Local SEO

I have been helping many local companies race to the first page of Google with only success as a result. From Dickerson Infrastructure to VPS Server, I can guarantee that your business will see not only a huge facelift to content but also an obvious gain in sales and recognition. 

No matter the niche or category, you can expect huge results with no lack of professionalism or expertise. Although I am more familiar with the gaming and technology categories, I have written and assisted many companies in construction, HVAC, and even E-cig start-ups. 

If you have a specialized category and need help with your local SEO, please do not hesitate to contact me so we can discuss further!

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